The South City Dog Beach

South-City is a beautiful stretch of beach which changes its aspect dramatically with the seasons. Its expanse is generous, and the characteristics of the scenery vary as the walk progresses. Towards the southerly end of the beach is a large concrete obelisk marking a waste disposal pipe (as well as the waste discharge there are sharp underwater obstructions at this point, so bathers and dogs should stay out of the water here). This is often used as a convenient terminal point, but it is possible to walk all the way through to the regulated beaches of Swanbourne/Cottesloe – if the circumstances are right.

The circumstances are not right when soldiers are playing with their toys at the S.A.S. rifle range (located beyond the dunes at Swanbourne). At these times the southerly stretch of beach is closed off to the public. These occasions are marked by the flying of a red flag from a watchtower adjacent to the range, and an “Entry Prohibited” sign planted in the beach.

Potentially just as explosive for some dog-walkers is the nude beach that spans a short stretch to the north of the rifle range. This is predominantly populated by middle-aged and elderly men. Walkers are advised to stay well clear of the dunes at this point.

The final drawback is the car-park, which is located off Challenger Parade at the northern boundary of the dog-beach. The parking bays are littered with piles of broken glass where thieves have smashed their way into cars – an all too familiar sign of the times.


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