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Welcome to "Walking the Dog", an occassional series which brings you classic walks of the Perth/Fremantle area. We will also endeavor to keep readers up to date with events concerning off-lead areas in the region.

You are invited to nominate walks in your area. Suitable ones will be test driven by baddog and resident K9s Matti and Neddy.

Animated Walks

Whistlepipe Gully

Riverside Gardens

Tranby House

Nedlands Foreshore

The East Perth

Ashfield Flats



Ashfield Flats
Bounded by Swan River and Hardy Road

Ashfield Reserve
Bounded by Guildford Road, Colstoun Rd, Fisher Road and Reid Street

Carman Way Reserve
Bounded by Carman Way

Ireland Way Reserve
Bounded by Ireland Way

Palmerston Square Reserve
Bounded by Palmerston Street, Hamilton Street and Whitfield Street

Pickering Park Reserve
Bounded by Bassendean Parade and Swan River

Gary Blanch Park
Bounded by Pearson Street, Dorothy Street and Hardy Road

Freeland Way Reserve
Bounded by Freland Way

Padbury Court Reserve
Bounded by Padbury Court, Padbury Way and Burford Street

Mary Crescent Reserve
Bounded by Ivanhoe Street, Mary Crescent, Kirke Street and Gallagher Street

Troy Street Reserve
Bounded by Troy Street

May Holman Reserve
Bounded by Iolanthe Street and Mann Way

Anzac Terrace Reserve
Bounded by Anzac Terrace and Ivanhoe Street

Parmelia Way Reserve
Bounded by Parmelia Way


DeLacy Reserve
Richard Street off Peninsula Road.

Riverside Gardens
Milne St


Gifford Gardens
Off Gifford Street

Ocean Village Park
Off Yaltara Road

Elphin Street Median
Between Elphin Street and Bold Park Drive

Jubille Park
Jubilee Crescent

City Beach Oval
Fred Burton Way

Crosby Park
Crosby Street

Grantham Park
Grantham Street and Pearson Place

Pat Goodridge Park
Hay Street and Halesworth Road

Lake Monger Park
Section opposite Kimberly Street only

Drabble Park
Drabble Road

Boulevard Quarry
Off the Boulevard opposite the entrance to Wembley Golf Complex

Empire Park
Empire Avenue and Durston Road


Mrs Herbert's Park
The river end of Bay Road (behind Claremont Museum)

Rowe Park
Stevens Street (between Reserve Street and Langsford Street)

Claremont Park
Bay View Terrace (between Princess Road and Stirling Highway)

MacLagan Park
The corner of Mitford and Devon Streets

Alex Prior Park
The river end of Chester Road

Cresswell Park
Off Cornwall Street


Wyong Reserve
Bounded by Baldock Street, Wyong Road, Behan Street, Pollock Street and Water Authority drain

Francis Bird Park
Bounded by Station street, Bickley Road and James Street

Treaure Park
(A) Bounded by Hamilton Street, Tarun Court, Eudanda Place, private redidences and Water Authority Drain

(B) Bounded by Mallard Way, Manley Street George Way and private residences.

Coker Park
Bounded by Wharf Street, south-eastern prolongation of Toledo Close, Cannington Primary School and Cannington High School

Canning Vale

Clifton Park
Bounded by Clifton Road, Crufts Way and Battersea Road

East Cannington
Glamorgan Park
Bounded by Barbel Close and Glamorgan Street

East Cannington Park
Bounded by Station Street and Crawford Street

Lambertia Creek Reserve
Bounded by Ferndale Crescent, Alyxia Place, Lamberita Way, Pembury Crescent, Coniston Way and private residences

Bridgeway Park
Bounded by south-easterly prolongation of Colahan Way, northern boundary of Bridgeway Avenue and private residences

Cardoc Reserve
Bounded by Cardoc Way, Cavendish Way and private residences

Velgrove Reserve
Bounded by Velgrove Avenue, Abercairn Way, Harrow Place and Waverley Way

Bannister Creek Reserve
Being the Bannister Creek Reserve from Metcalf Road to private residences bounded by Bywood Way and Brampton Way. Does not include Iveston Road Reserve

Queensville Park
(A) Bounded by Nicholson Road, Ellesmere Road and Water Authority drain

(B) Bounded by Queensville Avenue Finchley Street and Water Authority drain

Clovelly Park
Bounded by Nicholson Road, Clovelly Crescent, Water Authority drain and private residences.

Edgeware Park
Bounded by Metcalf Road, Lynwood Kindergarten and Edgeware Street

Queens Park
Maniana Park
Bounded by Gibbs Street and Maniana Road North

Queens Park Reserve
Bounded by Treasure Road, Centre Street, George Street and residential premises

Montes Square
Bounded by Montes Square and Jillian Street

Modillion Park
Bounded by Modillion Avenue and Corinthian Road East

Nurdi Park
Bounded by Leach Highway, Nurdi Way and Water Authority drain

Parkland Square
Bounded by Parklands Square

Riverton Reserve
Bounded by High Road, Barber Place, southern prolongation of Laurel Close and Western side of Football Oval

Bull Creek Reserve
Bounded by Bullcreek Road, Riverton Drive, Creek View Close and private residences

Sandra Playground
Bounded by Sandra Way, Peter Way and private residences

Massey Park
Bounded by Massey Street and Massey Way

Ann Park
Bounded by Bull Creek Road, Wilbur Street and Ann Way

Fifth Park
Bounded by Delphi Court, Fifth Avenue, Corinthian Road West and private residences

Adenia Reserve
Bounded by Bounded by Adenia Road, Duff Road and its northern prolongation to the Canning River Foreshore, the Canning River and the northern prolongation of Verdon Street

CITY OF CANNING (continued)

River Foreshore
Canning River Foreshore from a point begining at the north-western junction of the Canning River and Shelley Bridge to the eastern prolongation of Linkwater Street

River Foreshore
Being a part of the Canning River Foreshore bounded by the prolongation of Beryl Avenue to the Foreshore and Corbel Street to the Foreshore. Excludes land leased to Sailing Club

Shelley Reserve
Bounded by Berrier Road and Koolan Drive

River Foreshore
Being the Canning River Foreshore bounded by the prolongation of Fifth Avenue to the Foreshore and the prolongation of Bullcreek Road to the Foreshore.

St James
Page Park
Bounded by Page Avenue, Holder Street and Stannard Street

Jasmin Park
Bounded by Pinetree Gully Road, South Street, Jasmin Loop and private residences

Barracuda Park
Bounded by Barracuda Drive, Bertola Place and its southern prolongation, the southernprolongation of Westward Street and private residences.

Sovereign Park
Corner of Sovereign Avenue and Bemera Drive bounded by private residences

Agincourt Reserve
Bounded by Burrendah Boulevard, Agincourt Drive and private residences

Kennon Reserve
Bounded by Kennon Street Burrendah Boulevard Willeton SHS and private residences

Lincoln Park
Bounded by Vahland Avenue Helsall Court and southern prolongation of Morning cloud Vale

Kingfisher Reserve
Bounded by Condor Circle, Kingfisher Loop, Eagles Walk and Flamingo Way

Morning Cloud Walk
Bounded by Morning Cloud Vale, Ragamuffin Terrace and Vahland Avenue

Aderyn Park
Bounded by Spotted Gum Way, Aderyn Place, Eloure Place, Ebro Way and private residences

Margaret Harrison Park
Bounded by Portulaca Street, Freesia Way and Juniper Way

Brolga Park
Bounded by Brolga Promenade, The Quarterdeck and the Taffrail

Burrendah Reserve
Bounded by Burrendah Boulevard, Pinetree Gully Road and Albatross Pass

Caulfield Reserve
Bounded by Shawood Place, MacFarlane Close, Gawler Court, Glenmoy Avenue and private residences

Killara Reserve
Bounded by Killara Drive, Yarra Close, Cathryn Place and private residences

Prendwick Reserve
Bounded by Prendwick Way, Larissa Road, Glenmoy Avenue and School grounds

Portcullis Reserve
Bounded by Portcullis Drive and Kelly Way

Arlington Reserve
Bounded by Arlington Drive, proposed Roe Highway and private residences

Acanthus Reserve
Bounded by High Road, Apsley Road and abutting either side of bycycle path

Canning River Frontage
Bounded by Flemming Avenue, Bacon Street, Gledhill Way, Bebbington Court and Canning River

Judy Pannell Reserve
Bounded by Fern Road and Braibrise Road

Margeret Park
Bounded by Fern Road, Margaret Street and Tillman Place

Bywater Way - Foreshore Area
Area Adjacent to Bywater Way

Centenary Park
Bounded by Leach Highway, Wendouree Road, private land, private residences and Canning River

Thomas Moore Park
Bounded by Armstrong Road, Braibrise Road, Water Authority drain and private residences

Alderley Square
Bounded by Alderley Square


Wickens Street Park

Packer Park
Dudley Road, Kenwick

Southern River Road
1500 metres east of Ranford Road

Gibbs Park
Alcock Street, Maddington

Hester Park
Spencer Road, Langford

Linear Park
Ailsworth Court, Thornlie

Robinson Park
Corfield Street, Gosnells

Reserve 43367
Adjacent to Burslem Drive/Heron Place, Maddington

Armstrong Park
Warton Road, Huntingdale

John Okey Davis Park
Homestead Road, Gosnells

Regional OPen Space
Adjacent to Parkside Drive, Jacqueline Drive, Thornlie


Wellington Square

Ozone Reserve

Weld Square


All dogs must be kept on a leash whilst at Stirling Civic Gardens, Stirling or Albert James Park, Joondanna. All other public parks within the City of Stirling are classified as Dog Exercise Areas and as such, dogs can be exercised without a leash attached. Owners however, must ensure that their dogs are under effective control at all times.

The following areas are classified as Dog Beach Exercise Areas :

  • Extending northwards 200m from the City's southern boundary at Peasholm Street, South Scarborough.
  • Between Kathleen and Bennion Streets, Trigg
  • Between Castle and Ada Streets, North Beach


Meuller Park
Between Perth Modern School and Coghlan Rd.

Cliff Sadlier Park
Cunningham Tce, Daglish. Water is on tap.

Troy Tce / Richardson Tce

Railway Reserve
Stubbs Tce, Jolimont

Rankin Reserve
Railway Rd, Shenton Park. Water is on tap and the reserve is fenced

Rosalie Park
Upper level only between Onslow Road and Thomas Street between the hours of 5.00am to 8.30am only. Water is on tap and there are BBQ facilities, public toilets, and shelters.(Not to be used when a function, sports or other approved activity is in progress.)

Kitchener Park
Roberts Rd, adjacent to Subiaco Oval.(Not to be used when a function, sports or other approved activity is in progress.)

The Palms
Rokeby Rd, Nicholson Rd, Subiaco. Water is on tap.(Not to be used when a function, sports or other approved activity is in progress.)

J. H. Abrahams Reserve
The Avenue, Crawley. Between 5.00am and 8.30am only. Water is on tap and there are BBQ facilities, public toilets, and shelters.

McCallum Park
McCallum Ave, Daglish


Britannia Road Reserve (Leederville)
Bounded by Britannia Rd, Brentham St and parallel with the Mitchell Freeway. (South side of Reserve only)

Brentham/Bennelong Reserve(Leederville)
Between Brentham and Oxford streets, south of Wylie Place.

Robertson Park (Perth)
Bounded by Fitzgerald, Palmerston, Stuart and Randell Streets.

Woodville Reserve (North Perth)
Bounded by Namur, Fitzgerald, Mignonette and Farmer Streets.

Les Lilleyman Reserve (North Perth)
Bounded by London, Ellesmere and Gill Streets.

Charles Veryard Reserve (North Perth)
Bounded by Hanover Place, Deague Court and Bourke Street. (North East side of reserve only)

Menzies Park (Mount Hawthorn)
Bounded by Berryman, Egina, East and Purslowe Streets.

Jack Marks Reserve (Highgate)
Corner Broome and Wright Streets.

Forrest Park (Mount Lawley)
Corner Curtis and Harold St.

Banks Reserve (East Perth)
Joel Tce (Southern end only)